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Geoffrey Bouchard: "It's a little frustrating

"We managed to get out on the top of the climb after an hour of racing. In the breakaway, we got along well, it was going very fast.
In the last few bumps, I tried to attack but I was very tired and the headwind was not favorable to a single man. We looked at each other a bit, fortunately we had some margin. It's a shame to miss out on a great victory. Like in Paris-Camembert (4th), the one who attacks at the red flame goes to the end, so it's a bit annoying."[/su_quote]

The number


On the eve of the Alpine weekend, Ben O'Connor has gained one place in the general classification of the Critérium du Dauphiné. He is now 9th at 2'10'' of the leader.

The news

Clément Champoussin 6th of the GP of the Canton of Aargau

Clément Champoussin escaped in the final and was caught again with 6 km to go, taking sixth place in the GP du Canton d'Argovie (Switzerland). Benoît Cosnefroy was 10th, and Nans Peters 16th.