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Since 2024

The world of sport at your fingertips

Since its creation in 1976, DECATHLON has been committed to working alongside sportsmen and women, from the occasional amateur to the elite athlete, by designing innovative, clever, practical and high-performance products and services. DECATHLON designs memorable and even revolutionary sports experiences for both amateur and top-level athletes, whatever their level of ability.

From distributor to designer

That's right! Most of the products sold on our shelves are designed by DECATHLON teams. 10 years after its creation in 1986, DECATHLON took a new direction in designing sports products and services. Some of these products, which have since become iconic, have changed the way sports are practiced by meeting the requirements of the most seasoned athletes as well as everyday sportsmen and women who practice for the love of sport, whatever their objective.
Innovating to inspire and protect playgrounds

DECATHLON is not just a retailer, but a true trendsetter in the world of sports, through a constant drive for innovation. A product must not only be aesthetically pleasing, it must also be adapted to its intended use and arouse emotion.

The brand thus offers ever more effective products, adapted to the requirements of each discipline, but which also meet the challenges of sustainable development. Aware that its activities have an impact on the environment, DECATHLON aims to be a major player in change. DECATHLON has set itself the objective of evolving and transforming itself to meet the challenges of tomorrow with its Transition Plan 2020-2026, which is based on 3 pillars: developing people, preserving nature and creating sustainable value.

A commitment to the customer experience

DECATHLON puts the consumer at the center of the experience, facilitating access to an inspiring world of sports. Through its stores, dedicated customer service and intuitive online site, the brand creates an environment conducive to exploration, trial and discovery. Always on the lookout for innovations for its customers, DECATHLON pursues its efforts in this area and develops new immersive experiences to accompany them as closely as possible to their needs, whether they are at home or in one of its 1,750 stores around the world.

Partnerships and involvement in world sport

For many years, DECATHLON has been working with professional athletes and industrial partners, reinforcing its legitimacy and expertise in design and innovation.

DECATHLON's commitment to the DECATHLON AG2R LA MONDIALE team is a perfect opportunity to associate its name with a popular sport with recognized values of commitment, cohesion and emotion, and to encourage as many people as possible to take up cycling.

This partnership is a perfect illustration of DECATHLON's mission: to get as many people moving as possible, young and old, beginners and experts alike.


Since 1997

AG2R LA MONDIALE, the specialist in social protection and wealth management in France.

Our mission:

Through our expertise and advice, we help everyone to better protect their lives and those of their loved ones, and to secure their income and assets.

Our businesses :

Personal protection

A unique DNA

For more than 115 years, we have been doing business by combining solidarity and performance in a sustainable way, with a dual commitment to transparency and benevolence towards our 15 million policyholders. Present in mainland France and its overseas territories, we maintain close relationships with over 500,000 corporate customers. Our paritarian and mutualist model puts them at the heart of our decisions, directly or via their representatives: our interests are their interests.
Our constant adaptation to economic, social, technological and regulatory developments enables us to make a lasting commitment to them. We provide them with benchmarks and personalized advice to help them take control of their health, their retirement, the protection of their loved ones and their assets, and enable them to take control of tomorrow. In this way, we contribute to strengthening community life.
Historically born of the regions, AG2R LA MONDIALE has succeeded in creating a true territorial anchorage in order to be in direct touch with the realities on the ground and to listen to the needs of its policyholders.
The Group has been a committed player for many years. Indeed, our commitment to society permeates all our businesses and activities, and inspires our decisions in terms of responsible investment, social action, human resources and environmental policy.

AG2R LA MONDIALE's Vivons Vélo program

AG2R LA MONDIALE has been a partner of the eponymous cycling team since 1997. Keen to promote the benefits of sport with a view to health prevention, the Group's Vivons Vélo program, created in 2015, aims to encourage as many people as possible to take up cycling. Its aim: to encourage French people to (re)take up this universal sport, which is accessible to all ages and particularly suitable for maintaining one's health capital.
Dynamic and very active both on social networks and at events, the Vivons Vélo community represents 300,000 people. These members share tips and news about cycling, and meet up at events organized by AG2R LA MONDIALE and its partner federations (FFVélo).

Main partner


Since 2024

Enjoy The Thrill of Speed

VAN ("which comes from" in Flemish) RYSEL ("Lille", France) is the road cycling brand born a few kilometers from the iconic cobbled sectors, whose one-day race is the most legendary in the world.
Founded in 2019, it is aimed at cyclists the world over, whatever their level, objective or vision of cycling.

With their passion for high technology, VAN RYSEL teams set the highest standards to satisfy both riders professionals and amateur pelotons.

By placing research and development at the heart of its priorities, VAN RYSEL works with athletes and industrial partners to design innovative products that are ready to win.

Every watt, every second, every kilometer covered is a new victory during a race, or a Sunday stroll.

This is VAN RYSEL's very raison d'être, to maximize the pleasure of effort and live great human experiences.

In 2024, the brand will accompany the DECATHLON AG2R LA MONDIALE teams on the world's most beautiful roads with its RCR PRO and XCR bikes, as well as its RCR, FCR, XCR helmets and PERF 900 and PERF 900 Light goggles.

Major technical partners


Since 2024

SWISS SIDE is revolutionizing the cycling industry with the most aerodynamic and innovative products, developed based on the experience gained by our engineers from their years in Formula 1. Founded in 2012, SWISS SIDE produces the highest-performance cycling products, in particular aerodynamic bicycle wheels, while providing engineering consultancy services to major brands, athletes and teams in the cycling, triathlon and general sports sectors. Products are sold directly online at and via selected retailers.


Since 2018

Rosti is a sportswear manufacturer established in 1979 in Brembate, between Bergamo and Milan, for newcomers, enthusiasts and amateurs who dream of competing with the champions.
As a technical partner of the DECATHLON AG2R LA MONDIALE team, Rosti aims to develop its brand and products around the world in the spirit of challenges and competitions like the DAT World Tour.
Rosti, thanks to international racing experience and in-house R&D, has improved its products and services to help and support riders professionals, amateurs, children and enthusiasts on the world's best roads.

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