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Julien Jurdie: "On the podium

"The sporting stakes of the Ardennes are quite simple for us: with the physical condition currently displayed by Benoit Cosnefroy we can hope to climb on the podium and why not on the highest step.
For a few weeks now, he has shown that he is very strong and he will be supported by a consistent team to put him in the best position. It is a complicated task but it is the right year to shine.
He is capable of getting back on the podium in the Flèche Wallonne and confirming the good dispositions in the Doyenne that he showed two years ago. Mentally and physically, Benoît is armed to succeed in these races."[/su_quote]


The number


With Benoît Cosnefroy, Paul Lapeira and Mikaël Chérel, three riders from La Manche are at the start of the two Ardennes races.