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Geoffrey Bouchard, Paul Lapeira, Oliver Naesen and Andrea Vendrame have signed contract extensions with the AG2R CITROËN team until 2025.
For his part, Larry Warbasse has extended his contract by one season.
Oliver Naesen has been with the team since 2017, Geoffrey Bouchard and Larry Warbasse since 2019, Andrea Vendrame since 2020 and Paul Lapeira since 2022.

Vincent Lavenu: "Everyone is part of our history".


"This wave of extensions is an important moment in building the team for future seasons. If new faces are going to join us, seeing these riders prolong their stay within our structure is essential. They are the cement of the team. They are all part of its history and the guarantors of its philosophy."

Geoffrey Bouchard: "The next logical step


"It's the next logical step. I'd like to thank Vincent (Lavenu) and the whole team for giving me my chance five years ago, and for trusting me again for the next two seasons.
I've managed to put a lot of things in place since the start of the adventure, but there's still more to come.
I'm very enthusiastic about the idea of continuing to progress in the various roles that the team has entrusted me with. On the one hand, as a leader in certain events and, on the other, as a team member in the mountains for the major races on the UCI World Tour calendar.
I'm also keen to pass on my experience to the younger riders riders, who are the future of the team. And finally, in yet another role, that of a backpacker. I want to get back to winning like I did last year at the Tour of the Alps.

Paul Lapeira: "Continue my progress".


"I wanted to stay with the AG2R CITROËN team! After my formative years with the team (U19 and U23) and my first two seasons with the professionals, I want to continue my progression. I'm a rider who likes stability, and the environment in which I'm evolving is perfect for me. After a period of adjustment, I've managed to find my place with the riders team and the staff, and that's what has convinced me to continue the adventure.
I see myself progressing little by little and I want to continue in this direction to climb the ladder one by one. The next step is to raise my arms. And I want to get there quickly.
I'd like to thank the whole team for allowing me to continue our shared adventure.

Oliver Naesen: "Writing new pages in this beautiful story".


"I'm continuing my adventure with the team in a different role to the one I've had for the past seven seasons.
I'll be working more as a team member alongside our leaders, and I'm determined to continue giving my all every time I wear this hat.
Of course, the classics will remain an important highlight of my season, when I'll be determined to shine. Things have changed a bit in recent years at the highest level, and I want to approach the start of the season differently. I also want to pass on my experience to the younger riders.
I know AG2R CITROËN inside out. Staying loyal to the team means a lot to me. I'm looking forward to writing new pages in this great story.

Andrea Vendrame: "Get as many successes as possible".


"This extension is a very good thing for me. My arrival in the team changed a lot of things four years ago. I feel really good here.
The aim will remain to raise my arms as much as possible, for myself, for the team and for all our partners.
I also want to help the youngsters to continue their progress and give my help to my team-mates to achieve maximum success."

Larry Warbasse: "I'm enjoying my role as captain".


"I'm really happy to be continuing my story with the AG2R CITROËN team. I can't wait for next year with all the new projects coming up. It's going to be a great season.
I'm enjoying my role as team captain. We have a lot of young people riders and it's a great pleasure for me to pass on and share my knowledge. This will already be my 12th year with the professionals. It goes by fast!
I want to continue to do my best to help our leaders perform at the highest level, and also to seize my chance when it comes. I'm always motivated to be serious about my job and to develop to the best of my ability.
A big thank you to the whole AG2R CITROËN team for this new opportunity."

The news

Nine riders have extended their contracts

Following the extensions of Clément Berthet, Benoît Cosnefroy, Felix Gall and Nans Peters until 2025, nine riders from the AG2R CITROËN team have extended their contracts for the coming seasons.


Oliver Naesen joined the AG2R CITROËN team in 2017 and has now been linked to the team until 2025, for his eighth and ninth seasons. The 32-year-old Belgian rider won the national title of Belgian champion in 2017 and the Bretagne Classic - Ouest France in 2019.