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Léo Bisiaux, Louic Boussemaere and Aubin Sparfel, members of the U19 team, will continue to wear the team's colors in 2024, joining the new Continental team for Léo and continuing into their 2nd year as juniors for Aubin and Louic. From their beginnings on a bike to their future ambitions, they share their vision of cycling with us in an interview.

Can you introduce yourself?


Léo Bisiaux: My name is Léo Bisiaux. I'm a 2nd-year junior. I'm 18 and come from the Puy-de-Dôme region.

Aubin Sparfel: My name is Aubin Sparfel, I'm 17 and a Junior 1st year. I live in the Vosges and I'm a member of the small Cycle Golbéen club.

Louic Boussemaere: My name is Louic Boussemaere, I'm 17. I live in Belgium and I'm a Junior 1.

What type of rider are you?


Léo Bisiaux: I'm more of a climber, although I try to be versatile. I'm trying to work hard on time trials for future years. In 2023, I became world junior cyclo-cross champion.

Aubin Sparfel: I like short, punchy efforts and I'm also a good climber. I also do cyclo-cross in winter.

Louic Boussemaere: I do a lot of riding for the team, and this season I finished top 10 in the Classique des Alpes. You could say I'm a climber/roller.

How did you discover cycling?


Léo Bisiaux: A bit by chance at an association forum. I started at the age of 6. I immediately got hooked on the idea of competing, pushing myself to the limit and going to training with my friends. As the years went by, I made good progress until I joined this team, where we take things seriously.

Aubin Sparfel: I started cycling at the age of 5. It's a family tradition! My grandfather, father and brother all ride. I started when I saw my brother competing.

Louic Boussemaere: I started cycling at the age of 8. It's all down to my uncle! He told me there was a small team in Belgium, so I went along and they quickly integrated me. I was able to ride with them and do some races.

How did you get involved in the team's training program?


Léo Bisiaux: After my Cadets 2 season, I had a meeting with Alexandre Chenivesse and Alexandre Pacot to see what I wanted to do the following year. I think our plans matched and I was able to join the team at the end of the season. I think it was a very good choice for me because it enabled me to really progress and discover the highest level. It was a real turning point for me.

Aubin Sparfel: I applied when I was in Cadet 2 because the team made me dream. I was able to take part in a training course in the Alps, which went well and I was able to join the squad for this season.

Louic Boussemaere: I saw on Instagram that the team had "followed" me. Two weeks later, I got a message from Alex Chenivesse asking if I'd be interested in joining the team. I immediately replied: "Yes, of course".

How's your season going?


Léo Bisiaux: It's going well. I got off to a late start after my cyclo-cross season. I needed time to get back on track. Then I was able to win the Trois Jours d'Axel. Then I broke my collarbone in the Classique des Alpes, which stopped me for two months. Now I'm getting better and better, I won the Giro della Lunigiana and the GP Rüebliland. I'm ready for the end of the season and the European Championship!

Aubin Sparfel: So far, so good! I'm satisfied. I haven't won a UCI race yet, but it's good to be able to compete at the highest level and make progress. I started the season doing cyclo-cross with the European and World championships and several UCI victories. As for the road season, I couldn't have hoped for better. The staff put their trust in me by giving me the role of leader in two great races where I was able to express myself fully.

Louic Boussemaere: Very good! I'm learning a lot about nutrition, race vision and how to prepare for a race. I haven't yet got the results I'm hoping for, but I'm only in Junior 1. I hope to have good results next year!

Where will you be next season and what are your goals?


Léo Bisiaux: Next year I'll be on the Continental team. My aim will be to continue my progress by combining cyclo-cross and road racing. I'm hoping to perform well in races such as the Baby Giro and the Tour de l'Avenir, two races I'm dreaming of as a young rider.

Aubin Sparfel: I'll still be with the AG2R CITROËN U19 team, in the Juniors 2 category. My aim will be to do even better than this year. I'm thinking a lot about the World Championships, which I'd like to take part in with the French team. I'd also like to do well in the Tour du Valromey, which I finished 5th in this year. I hope to do better and take part in some great UCI races.

Louic Boussemaere: Being well placed in every race, doing a good job for the team, hoping for good results and going on the attack! That's what I like about cycling.

Which race do you most dream of?


Léo Bisiaux: The Tour de France, of course! As a Frenchman and a climber, it's a dream come true. The three Grand Tours are a dream come true!

Aubin Sparfel: Without hesitation, the Tour de France. It's the goal of a lifetime!

Louic Boussemaere: My dream is to take part in the Tour de France!

To which rider could you be compared?


Léo Bisiaux: I loved Chris Froome when I was younger, and I think I've got the same way of getting up the bumps. I'm not very explosive, but I manage to smooth out my efforts. Now, every rider is different. If you take Pogacar and Vingegaard, they're completely different, but both can win the Tour de France.

Aubin Sparfel: I've never asked myself that question! Right now I look like a puncher/climber. I'm often told I look like Benoît Cosnefroy and Felix Gall.

Louic Boussemaere: You could compare me to Pogacar in attitude: fun but serious when you need to be!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Léo Bisiaux: I see myself in the World Tour and trying to win at WorldTour level.

Aubin Sparfel: I'm hoping to make the World Tour team, do some good races and enjoy cycling.

Louic Boussemaere: On the World Tour and still with the team, I hope!