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The AG2R CITROËN team has hired Paul Lapeira, 21, and Valentin Paret Peintre, 20, for two and three years respectively.

Both from the AG2R CITROËN U23 team, Chambéry Cyclisme Formation, they will join the professional squad for the 2022 season

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"They are two riders that we have been following for a long time. They come from our training center, which validates the quality of the work done for 20 years. Paul is a puncheur and a victory hunter. Valentin is a real climber, capable of distinguishing himself in the mountain stages. We are happy to welcome them among us."[/su_quote] [su_row][su_column size="1/2"][/su_column] [su_quote cite=]


Born on February 21, 2000.
Lives in Grandparigny (Manche)
Third in the road race of the French Amateur Championship 2021
Winner of GP de Saint-Etienne Loire and GP du commerce et de l'industrie de San Vendeiamo

"It's a childhood dream come true. When I was 10 years old, I answered professional cyclist when I was asked what I wanted to do later. This is just the beginning, I want to have a nice long career in the pros. I spent five years with AG2R CITROËN TEAM so it was the logical next step to continue the story. I know what I'm getting into and that gives me confidence." [/su_quote] [su_row][su_column size="1/2″][/su_column] [su_quote cite=]


Born on January 14, 2001.
Native of Annemasse (Haute Savoie), lives in Chambéry (Savoie).
Winner of the 2019 Junior Alps Classic
Fifth in the 2021 French Amateur Championships

"It's a great pleasure to become a professional. When you're a kid, you go to see the Tour de France and you start dreaming. Today, the dream has come true. It's not an accomplishment because there are still many things to do, but it's already a little pride. Joining the AG2R CITROËN team was an obvious choice. I've been with the team for four years. I'm joining my brother (Aurélien), so it will be easier for me. We are very happy for our family who will come to see us both on the same races now. When we were young, we never imagined that one of us would join the professional ranks, so both of us... it's really beautiful." [/su_quote]



The Chambéry Cyclisme Formation, created in September 2001, is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year.
The structure puts forward the double project which mixes a school or university course and the high level sports course. Since 2006, more than forty of its students have gone on to become professionals.


35 kilometers of cycling this morning

Dorian Godon, Oliver Naesen, Ben O'Connor, Aurélien Paret Peintre, Michaël Schär and Greg Van Avermaet did a 35 kilometer training ride, while Benoit Cosnefroy did a home trainer session.