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The items are described and presented with the utmost accuracy. If any mistakes have been made despite all due care on our part, we cannot in any way be bound on this fact.



These present general conditions of sale are concluded between, on one side EUSRL France Cyclisme – 604 rue Denis Papin – 73290 La Motte-Servolex – France, and on the other side, the users who wish to buy an item presented on the “AG2R CITROËN TEAM” website visible at: hereinafter called “the Customer”.

The present conditions govern the sale of all products presented by France Cyclisme on the “” website. Both parties agree that their relationship will be governed solely by the present contract, excluding all other conditions. The items are only proposed for sale to non trading individuals.



You declare that you have read and accepted the present general conditions of sale before making your order.



The photographs illustrating the products are not contractual. If any mistakes have been made, France Cyclisme cannot under any circumstances be held liable.

Most of the products on offer by France Cyclisme to customers are available.



The prices of our products are listed in Euros including all taxes but excluding costs for processing and delivery. The prices indicated take into account current applicable VAT. If one or more tax rates are changed (increased or decreased) during the season, this change will be reflected in the price of items.

The products remain the property of France Cyclisme until it has received full payment of the price.



To make an order, the Customer must download the order form on the website, fill it in and send it with payment to the following address: France Cyclisme – Club des Supporters – 604 rue Denis Papin – 73290 La Motte-Servolex – France.

France Cyclisme reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom it has an existing dispute relating to payment for a previous order.

The information set out by the purchaser when the order is placed is binding: if there are any mistakes in the contact details of the purchaser, the seller will not be held responsible if he is not able to deliver the product.



France Cyclisme does not intend to sell the products on offer in large quantities. Consequently, France Cyclisme reserves the right to refuse orders for large quantities of the same product, i.e. for 5 or more identical items.

Our offer of products and prices are valid while they are visible on the site, while stocks are available. For products not stocked in our warehouses, our offers are valid subject to availability from our suppliers.

Within this context, indications on product availability are provided to you when you place your order. As this information comes directly from our suppliers, mistakes or changes may sometimes occur. If a product is not available after you have placed your order, we will inform you by email or by post once we have received information from our suppliers. Your order will be automatically cancelled and you will be reimbursed immediately.

In case all or part of the order is not available, reimbursement will be made by cheque, within thirty days of payment by the Customer.



Delivery will take place within 10 days from receipt of payment for the order and within 30 days for French overseas departments and other countries, notwithstanding any accident or force majeure which might delay delivery despite the intentions and diligence of France Cyclisme.

Deliveries will be made by La Poste. Any possible delays will not entitle the purchaser to any damages or interest. For reasons of availability, one order can be delivered in several parts to the customer. The customer only pays for one delivery. If the customer wishes to have 2 delivery addresses, he must make 2 orders, with the associated delivery costs.



The price of the products is payable by cheque. The Customer can also make a payment by Money Order.

The receipt of the order form with payment counts as an irrevocable engagement between the parties.

Moreover, France Cyclisme reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom it has an existing dispute. France Cyclisme will process the order upon receipt of payment from the customer.



The customer has the right to exchange or return an item within 14 days from the date of receipt of the item(s). If the time limit of 14 days expires on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it is extended to the next working day.

Items returned within this time limit must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice. Furthermore, item(s) must be returned in their original packaging and be complete (packaging, accessories, labels etc.), to the following address: France Cyclisme – Club des Supporters – 604 rue Denis Papin – 73290 La Motte-Servolex – France.

The costs of returning the products will be payable by the customer. Only the price of the products purchased will be reimbursed.

Items returned incomplete, spoiled, damaged or soiled by the customer are not accepted.

If a customer elects to return item(s), France Cyclisme is obliged to exchange or reimburse the amounts paid by the customer, at no charge, apart from the return shipping costs. The reimbursement is due within 30 days maximum following the date on which the right to return has been exercised.

The reimbursement will be made by cheque made out in the name of the customer who made the order and to the address on the bill.



This contract is subject to French law.

France Cyclisme cannot be held liable for damage of any kind, materiel or immaterial or physical, which could result from a fault or incorrect use of the products marketed, nor can it be held liable for any possible changes to products made by the manufacturers. The liability of France Cyclisme will, in any case, be limited to the amount of the order and cannot be invoked for simple mistakes or omissions which might occur despite all due care taken in presenting the products.

In case of any difficulty in applying the present contract, the purchaser has the option, before going to court, of finding an amicable solution with the help of the following: a professional association, a consumers association or any other adviser of his choice.

He is reminded that as a general rule and subject to the assessment of the courts, compliance with the terms of this contract relating to the contractual guarantee is based on the premise that the purchaser has honoured his financial engagements to the seller.

In case of dispute, the customer will first contact the company in order to reach an amicable arrangement: France Cyclisme – 604 rue Denis Papin – 73290 La Motte-Servolex – France – +33 (0)4 79 60 24 41.



All features of the AG2R CITROËN TEAM website, whether visual or audio, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright, brands or patents.

Any user with his own personal website who wishes to place, for his personal use, a simple link on his website going directly to the homepage of the AG2R CITROËN TEAM website, must imperatively obtain prior authorisation from France Cyclisme. If this authorisation is granted, it may not under any circumstances be considered as a tacit affiliation agreement. On the other hand, any hypertext links to the AG2R CITROËN TEAM’s online shop which use the techniques of framing, deep linking, inline linking or any other deep linking technique are formally prohibited in any circumstances whatsoever. In any event, all links, even if tacitly authorised, must be removed upon request by France Cyclisme.



It is mandatory to provide the personal information collected for the purpose of distance selling, as this information is essential for processing and delivering orders, as well as for producing invoices. The order will not be validated if the required information is not provided.

The customer holds the right to access, change, rectify or request the deletion of any data relating to himself, which he can exercise by contacting France Cyclisme – 604 rue Denis Papin – 73290 La Motte-Servolex – France.